The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook is Here!

After the success of our Founder Marco Borges’ New York Times best selling book, The 22-Day Revolution, many readers wanted more . . . and now it’s here! The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook, gives you more than 150 delicious and healthy plant-based recipes. From comforting favorites like Mac n’ Cheese to new flavors like Teriyaki Veggie Bowl, you’ll find recipes that excite your taste buds without weighing you down. In addition to the over 150 recipes, Marco gives you 4 customizable 22-Day Revolution programs that will help you reach your goals. In just 22 days, you can kickstart a healthy (and happy!) new way of living.

Praise for Marco Borges and The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook

The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook is an incredible tool, as you can tailor the book’s more than 150 recipes to your individual goals. Living by the 22 Days mandates also means that I get to enjoy these delicious and healthful recipes, which make me feel my absolute best.”—Ryan Seacrest, TV/Radio Host and Producer “Marco Borges has created The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook to make my job easier and more effective. I recommend it enthusiastically as the answer to the health crisis in the USA, and it will unleash a revolution of healthy bodies and souls.”—Joel K. Kahn, MD, Professor of Medicine and Author of The Whole Heart Solution “Marco is one of the most inspiring voices of health we’ve known. Working with him was very motivating and made a big difference in our well-being.”—Emilio and Gloria Estefan “22 Days Nutrition is everyday nutrition. It has forever changed the way I eat and enjoy food. 22 Days is the key to more success, more wins, and more blessings.”—DJ Khaled 

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