22 Reasons to Try a Plant-Based Diet

Sometimes just wanting to “be healthier” is not enough; you need real, concrete reasons to choose to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Well, you’ve come to the right place – we have 22 reasons why you should choose to embrace a plant-based diet. Whether you like one or many, we hope that you find inspiration here to make a change.

Reason #1: You Need a Change

Seriously, you wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something that bothered you about your diet, or that you don’t look/feel as good as you used to (or want to). Guaranteed, a plant-based diet can help you with that.

Reason #2: Save Money

Meat is expensive! Replace that with salad, beans, and other healthy food that costs a fraction of the amount and pocket the difference.

Reason #3: Live Longer

If you’re starting to feel your morality, then it’s time to make a change that will help you live longer (and healthier). Studies have shown that plant-based people live 4-7 years longer than others, particularly if their lifestyle includes a limited intake of alcohol and tobacco products.

Reason #4: Increased Energy

Feeling lethargic? This probably has a fair amount to do with your diet. Ditching meat means finding replacements that offer more nutrients and a more even delivery of energy throughout the day.

Reason #5: It’s Delicious!

Gone are the days of mushy tofu and boring beans – there is a stunning variety of plant-based recipes and many meat eaters don’t even miss the meat.

Reason #6: Clear Skin

Tired of rough skin, acne, oil, or just don’t have the skin of your youth anymore? A plant-based diet high in essential fatty acids and skin clearing vitamins like C and A can help your inner beauty shine through.

Reason #7: More Heart Health

Well all know that most meat isn’t great for our bodies; high in saturated fat and other artery-clogging nutrients, we can get complete nutrition without meat while helping our bodies find the road to better health.

Reason #8: Kick Obesity to the Curb

Now, choosing a plant-based diet certainly helps curb extra fat in the diet, but what most don’t realize is that it helps food cravings too. With more even nutrient delivery, you’ll find it easier to stay full without reaching for unhealthy snacks.

Reason #9: Help Animals

Animals that are raised for human consumption do not have great lives. Even if they are raised organically and free range, they have short lives with not much freedom. Choosing a plant-based diet means turning your back on animal cruelty – period.

Reason #10: Curb Carbon

The size of carbon footprint created by a meat eater is impressive – 3.3 tons per year, per person. Over half of that amount is due to meat (mostly red meat, but chicken and fish as well). Cutting out animal products including dairy can cut your footprint to less than half that amount, as well as freeing up valuable resources to grow food crops, rather than feeding stock.

Reason #11: Feed Yourself

It’s unlikely that you can raise your own cattle and other livestock, but growing your own vegetables is easy! Enjoy fresh produce most of the year that you know is healthy – without having to drive to the store.

Reason #12: Limit Cancer

When cells start to become irregular and multiply you have the earmarks of cancer. Diets high in antioxidants can help prevent and even kill these cells before they become a problem. And limiting cancer-causing foods (such as red meat) means these cells aren’t encouraged in the first place.

Reason #13: Treat Your Colon

This might not be a primary reason to quit eating meat, but it’s a really good one. High fiber and low saturated fat in plant-based diets means a cleaner colon and better nutrient absorption in your intestinal tract. As you age, a healthy colon will become more and more important!

Reason #14: Conserve Water

Most areas of the world are now experiencing at least cyclical drought – you can help by cutting out meat. While you might think that food crops take up more water, the truth is that livestock consume a colossal amount of H2O during their lives – not to mention the food that they eat.

Reason #15: Save the Forest

Yes, the rainforest is still disappearing. It’s cut down and burned in order to offer grazing land for more profitable ventures – cattle.

Reason #16: Be Lighter

On average, those who consume a plant-based diet are 20 lbs lighter than their meat-eating counterparts.

Reason #17: Save 100

How many animals (or animal products) do you consume each year? One study averages 100 animals per person – think how many animal deaths you could prevent if you and your family ditch meat, dairy, and eggs.

Reason #18: Help World Hunger

Food crops that are grown for cattle are more profitable than growing food for humans, which helps contribute to global hunger. By converting those crops back to human food we can all help end hunger.

Reason #19: Prevent Diabetes

Vegans are much less likely to develop diabetes. Even people with diabetes find that a plant-based diet can help them manage symptoms and maintain even blood sugar levels.

Reason #20: Amp Your Sex Drive

No, really? Yes! The same reason why plant-based diets help lower cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular health also means that blood can flow more readily to all those other places that are so important to getting your groove on.

Reason #21: New Recipes!

We bet you’re tired of the same old dishes, if you decide to cut out animal products you’ll get to try a ton of great new recipes and find some new favorites.

Reason #22: It Takes Just 22 Days

You can create a new, healthy you in just 22 days! That’s all it takes to ditch meat and find some great recipes that will make you wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.

Get Started

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