5 Plant-Based Recipes Perfect for Game Day 🏈

The big game is here!! Whether you are a hardcore football fan or are just in for the commercials, we totally support your reasons to enjoy some good eats.

But for those of you sticking to your New Year, New You goals, we've rounded up 6 delicious plant-based recipes perfect for Game Day so you can indulge without the guilt!


Cauliflower is the way to go for any snack, game, or party time! Not only are these scrumptious BBQ cauliflower bites juicy and crispy with a slight sweet and nutty taste, cauliflowers are packed full of nutrients that may support heart and digestion, and may also prevent some cancers...and more! Make them for your family and friends today and you’ll not only make their taste buds happy but their body, too!


This guilt-free and crowd-pleasing nacho recipe is so delicious, nutritious and satisfying! Small batches of the cashew cheese can be difficult to make in a food processor or blender, so it’d be ideal to make extra to store in the fridge to be enjoyed with other recipes like salads, wraps, bowls, etc.


This lighter take on America’s messiest sandwich is loaded with the good stuff - lean protein, veggies and a mouthful of flavor. On the side, the roasted okra packs in the Vitamin C and a whole lot of love. Bring extra napkins to the table tonight. It’s about to get sloppy!


It may seem like an unlikely combo of foods (or just like a wannabe wrap), but this veggie hummus "pizza" is a hit. Loaded with fresh vegetables and cooked quickly on the stovetop, this dish is perfect as a packed lunch or a quick and delicious supper. 


Perfect companion to any meal. This super delicious smoothie will sure satisfy those sweet cravings!

 Enjoy the big game!