Detoxing 101

Over the past decade, the topic of detoxification has become widely embraced by the mainstream. What most people do not realize, however, is that you don't always have to fast for extended periods of time in order to remove unwanted materials from your body. While many cultures throughout the ages have advocated for periodic fasting to give your organs a rest from processing food and chance to rehabilitate themselves, we want to help those who do not have the time or knowledge to do this but still want to have a basic understanding about foods with cleansing capabilities. 


Here is a list of some powerful plants that can enhance the natural cleansing functions of your body. Always be sure to check with your doctor or physician before implementing any changes to your diet or undergoing any self-prescribed detox program. 




This may not be a plant, and seem like an obvious one, but most people overlook how important it is to consume about 15.5 cups of liquids (for men) and about 11.5 cups of liquids a day (for women). Water is what helps food and waste move smoothly through your digestive system, and also helps fiber fully expand, increasing its ease of passage through the body. 




Perhaps the unsung hero of detoxification is our friend broccoli. Research now shows us that this cruciferous vegetable can increase the production of the enzyme responsible for detoxification in the liver. This is just one of many benefits broccoli provides our bodies with, and we hope with this in mind you can find a way to incorporate it into your meals regularly.




Dandelion root tea is an excellent beverage to help detoxify the liver and gallbladder. Dandelion greens, commonly found in the produce section for salads, can enhance the function of the kidneys. Since this plant is a diuretic, it assists your body in creating more urine, which in turn facilitates the flushing process of your kidneys. 


Bentonite Clay 


Bentonite clay has the unique power of absorbing toxins before being eliminated from your body. This supplement is not intended for regular use since it can also absorb certain minerals, but during times when a gentle clean is needed, it can absolutely be put to work. A more common use of this clay is through facial applications. Just like when consumed orally, bentonite clay can pull and absorb oils and impurities from your skin as it dries up and begins to harden. 




Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps relax the muscles. For this reason, it is used in detoxes to keep the intestines become looser and more relaxed, making it easier for the body to pass and eliminate waste. This mineral has a more gentle effect than the standard laxative because it does not stimulate the movement of bowels in the same more intense way traditional laxatives do. It also does not create a dependency like herbal laxatives do when taken for extended periods of time. 


It is incredibly important to understand and recognize when the concept of "cleansing" or detoxification becomes an unhealthy mental fixation or obsession. We must remember how incredibly powerful our bodies and their natural functions are. Systems of detoxification are already in place and working within you. Giving yourself healthy, nourishing foods, and supplements is more than enough to aid in the natural processes and functions of your organs. In addition to that, the items listed above can all be found at your local health food store and will give your detoxifying organs a boost, all the while being safe for regular consumption. Striving to maintain a healthy, whole-food plant-based diet with an emphasis on organic produce will do wonders for you in the long run and in turn, leave less to clean up. Eating a standard American diet with the occasional intensive fast or detox is not a sustainable process for lifelong health. We encourage you to create healthier habits and make better choices with what you put into your body on a day to day basis. All functions run properly in a body fueled optimally!