Flatten The Learning Curve

Give a person a meal, and you feed them for a day; teach a person to cook, and you feed them for a lifetime.

It's been said that nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels, but it's hard to understand what that means without the experience of health itself. From birth, most of us are fed a diet designed to hijack our taste buds and get us hooked on products. These products offer comfort in the form of fleeting sensory pleasure and mutual connection. This comes at a much greater price than we realize in the moment. Not only are developing healthy habits going against social and cultural norms, but they are also going against the very wiring of how we are taught to eat and relate to one another. Any deviation from that path is typically met with immediate self-doubt and, in some cases, even ridicule. In our pursuit of trying something new, we fear failure. Faith in our own abilities wavers, and the uncertainty of it all becomes a nagging distraction to the fun we could be having. When we are trying to create new habits and become the better version of ourselves, we want it to be a natural and uninterrupted process, but it so rarely is. 

Out of the desire to create something that assists you in establishing healthy, fulfilling life goals, all the while enjoying the process, we created our meal planner. Through our meal planner, we figuratively take you by the hand and show you exactly what a healthy diet and lifestyle looks, cooks, and feels like. We aim to teach you how to prepare meals and become acquainted with ingredients that will positively affect the health of your body, mind, and the planet. What you learn during your time using our meal planner will stay with you. It will become the foundational knowledge on which a healthy life can be built upon- all you have to do is take the first step!

Your Goal

Are you looking to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or just clean up your diet? Select the goal you have in mind, and we will curate recipe options to get you there

Choosing Your Meals

What's for dinner? Please, tell us! We've got thousands of options for you to choose from all in line with your goals and tastebuds. Short on time? No problem! Choose the time frames you have to work with, dietary needs, household size, and the kitchen equipment you have to use, and all meal options will fall in line.  

Grocery Shopping or Delivery?

We like having options too! Schedules can get hectic and fill up quickly, so for those weeks, have your meal planner grocery list delivered to your door- it's that easy! If you decide to do the shopping yourself, a convenient list of everything you'll need for the week will be available for you to check off at the store. 

Cooking/ Preparation 

Cooking is regarded as a form of therapy for many. With everything else in place, enjoy the time you have to cook. Follow the easy to use recipes we provide knowing every ingredient you need is waiting for it's time to shine. Put on your favorite music and make an experience out of it. There is a great joy to be found here! 


Imagine going somewhere new without GPS... Now think about how unnecessary that is. Why waste time? Why risk distraction? Why subject yourself to the stress of not knowing anything about this new journey when you can phone (or email) a friend and have complete clarity and a straight path to your goals? There is so much to learn, and you won't miss out on a thing with meal planner support. Think of us as Siri's embodied vegan sister, or the Magellan to your plant-based voyage! 

When we are unhealthy and undernourished, there is truly another life to be lived inside our bodies. Physical and mental strength are just two of the many qualities to be experienced as a healthy human being. Join us and feel what it's like to be you at full brightness!