Get Glowing Skin with a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based diets are often associated with healthy weight and healthy bodies, but one thing that plant-based diets can offer that we don’t consider is healthy skin. Why do plant-based diets help with healthy skin, and what can you do to help your skin shine with plant-based eating? Keep reading to find out.

What’s Different?

So what’s the difference between an average diet and one that cuts out animal products? Lots of things – primarily that with plant-based products you are getting a more dense nutrient profile. With a plant-based diet, you’ll get more vitamins, more minerals, and more healthy nutrients. Primarily, a healthy, plant-based diet will provide your body with more vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, and vitamin E – all things that your skin needs to stay healthy.

Consider Water Content

Getting 2 liters of water per day is a challenge, and we rarely consider how much water we get out of our food. Grains and meat don’t provide much in the way of water, but fruits and veggies do. By adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet, you’ll be giving your body more water to keep your skin clear and reduce irritation. Consider this savory pesto sandwich from our Meal Planner, it’s packed with veggies that are high in water content!!

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation causes a lot of issues in the body, including acne. Meat and dairy are common causes of inflammation; so by cutting them out of your diet you’re immediately making an improvement in your life that will positively affect your skin. You won’t miss dairy with this Broccoli ‘Cheese’ Baked Potato this recipe is also found in our Meal Planner!

Embrace Healthy-Skin Foods

You can take an extra step when taking the plant-based plunge; include foods that you know are good for your skin. Here are a few foods to consider:

  • Turmeric: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, turmeric is great in soups and dips.

  • Chia/Flaxseeds: High in omega-3 fatty acids to help promote healthy cells.

  • Berries: Blueberries and the like are high in antioxidants to help repair damaged cells.

  • Pineapple: Also papayas and kiwis, are high in an enzyme called bromelain that helps to reduce inflammation.

  • Healthy oils: Introduce healthy fats into your diet with cold-pressed oils, such as avocado, macadamia, and coconut oils that are full of polyphenols to soothe the skin.

  • Green tea: Sub out coffee (and sugar and cream) with antioxidant-rich green tea and make it easier to get your daily water intake.

Our “Avocado Lime Smoothie” also from our meal planner is the perfect way to embrace these healthy skin foods at the start of your day!! This refreshing smoothie is loaded with healthy fats from the avocado and is high in Omega 3’s!!


Converting to a plant-based diet is so good for your health, including your skin, so why not take the first step? Try out Meatless Mondays, plan a few meals, and include skin-healthy foods in your diet. Your skin will thank you for it!

See a Real Difference in Just 22 Days

Want to see glowing skin in just 22 days? Many people who have taken a 22 Days Vegan Challenge rave about their healthy skin (and the numerous compliments they get!) We make it easy for you to try a healthy, plant-based diet with options like our 22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner or our 22 Day Revolution Cookbook.