Herbs: Inside & Out

Many of us are familiar with going to the store and spending money on expensive products when our bodies need something more than just food for nourishment and healing. Whether we are suffering from dandruff, headaches, or the occasional upset stomach, there are natural remedies we can turn to remedy our ails. If you are fortunate enough to live near a store that sells herbs in bulk, some knowledge on their basic workings can take you far and save money in the process. We always recommend seeking the guidance of a medical professional when suffering from any illness or when taking medications/ supplements. 




It is important for you to know of any side effects that could occur as a result of using herbs. Most herbs do not match the strength of pharmaceutical drugs but when used responsibly and as needed can be highly effective. Certain herbs can be used regularly, while others serve specif purposes and should only be used in times of need. Always consult your doctor if you are unsure or plan on changing your dietary regimen. Food is medicine and should always be the main pillar of any healthy diet and lifestyle. 


Blood Sugar


If you are looking to balance blood sugar with the help of herbs, the following can be very helpful: 


Nopal Cactus 


Bitter Melon 

Fenugreek Seed 




If poor food choices were made and you have found your bowels to be in disarray, the occasional laxative might be needed. We would like to remind you that regularity means using the bathroom two to three times a day and should be achieved through a high fiber diet and plenty of water. Continued use of herbal laxatives can cause dependency and should only be used in completely necessary situations. Herbal laxatives should also never be used as a form of weight loss. This can be a very dangerous practice and can easily be avoided by the commitment to clean and healthy eating in conjunction with a regular exercise routine. Here are some herbs that can be used when you're feeling backed up, but never in a literal traffic jam: 



Oat Bran



Aloe Vera




There are plenty of shampoos and oils for you to spend your money on but some of the most effective treatments can be purchased at a fraction of the cost in the form of herbs. Here are some that have the potential to keep your scalp flake-free: 


Pine Tar

Aloe Vera Gel

Tea Tree Oil

Lemongrass Oil


Upset Stomach 


If you are feeling a bit of lethargy in your digestion, bloating, or general indigestion, these herbs can be helpful in bringing peace back to your microbiome! 





Slippery Elm


Herbal remedies can be found for just about every ailment. We hope that this shortlist can inspire you to look further into the traditional healing methods of humanity. Many of our modern medicines can be rooted back to herbal origins and we believe it's time to resort back to nature in it's pure, unadulterated form when non-urgent matters come to rise.