How Protein Can Affect Weight Loss

Protein can be a powerful component to focus on when looking to shed some unwanted weight and curb cravings. By thoughtfully portioning out your meals to favor higher protein, high fiber, and well portioned complex carbohydrates, you can easily set yourself up on a path for a slimmer figure. Also, by planning out your meals throughout the day to include high quality, satiating ingredients, you are most likely to succeed. 


Protein Curbs Appetite 


When you remain satiated throughout the day, the impulse to eat and snack greatly decreases. By cooking and preparing meals and snacks ahead of time, you are guaranteeing that your hunger won't be given the chance to drive you to make poor food choices. Incorporating sufficient protein in each meal throughout the day will balance your blood sugar levels, keeping your energy up and balanced between meals, and will also keep you feeling full.  


Protein Smoothies


Smoothies are an excellent way to increase your protein intake and therefore keep you feeling full for longer. We highly recommend using 22 Days Nutrition protein powder. Our blends are clean, USDA Organic, and packed with 20g's of complete protein per scoop. 


Plant Sourced Protein 


Aside from protein powders and smoothies, we highly recommending getting your protein from whole plant sources. Foods like tempeh, tofu, lentils, beans, quinoa, nuts, and seeds can provide excellent sources of protein and can easily be included in most meals and snacks. 


Dark Leafy Green Salads W/ Protein 


For those with greater restrictions on calories (we always recommend receiving guidance from your doctor or nutritionist before beginning any new diet or nutrition plan), dark leafy greens can be a wonderful base for just about any meal. Try a large salad with tempeh, diced sweet potatoes, hemp or pumpkin seeds, and a simple salad dressing. Adding avocado can greatly improve the taste, texture, and density of any meal and we believe this translates very well to keeping you feeling full and amazing for longer! 


Protein may be excessively talked about in the world of health and nutrition, but that certainly does not invalidate how important eating enough of it is. Aside from building and maintaining healthy muscle and balancing blood sugar, protein plays a huge role in hormone balance. It is an absolutely essential nutrient and eating the right amount for your body type, weight, and fitness goals.