How To Use Protein Powder

If you are new to the concept of protein powders and don't really understand their purpose or what they provide, we would like to give you some information that will help you better understand their usages and reason for being. You do not have to be a bodybuilder or avid weight lifer to use protein powders and reap their benefits, although, we do encourage regular exercise and general fitness!  



Protein, put simply, is a chain of amino acids. Complete proteins are made up of nine essential amino acids and there are eleven more nonessential amino acids that your body can create on its own. Amino acids and protein in general play many roles in the body, but they are mostly supplemented for their muscle recovery and building benefits, as well as their ability to make you feel satiated and curb the appetite. When it comes to weight loss, focusing on protein and lowering your carbohydrate intake can be very beneficial. Protein can also balance blood sugar levels giving you balanced and sustained energy until your next meal. 


Is this a meal replacement? 


22 Days Nutrition protein powders are not a meal replacement in and of themselves. However, these powders can be used alongside other ingredients to make up the calories and nutrition of a standard-sized meal. Remember, these powders are designed to supplement clean, absorbable, and digestible protein. An easy way to understand how to use them in a meal replacement smoothie is to think about it like you are dumping a plate of food into the blender. The way you would portion any meal is how you would portion your smoothies. You can check the box for protein since one scoop of 22 Days protein powder covers a whopping 20g's of plant-based, complete protein, then, add accordingly. A base of plant milk is always the first step, then your powder, then your vegetables, then your fats, and additional carbs in the form of fruit. We highly recommend freezing your fruit to avoid using ice cubes since they melt quickly leaving your delicious smoothie watery. Frozen blueberries are our favorite sine they are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and actually have the ability to blunt blood sugar spikes. Peanut butter, almond butter, avocado, or coconut can be used as your fat and calorie source. And flax, chia, hemp, or pumpkin seeds can be used for Omega 3's and addition protein. 


Plant Milks & Liquids 


When choosing the right liquid for your smoothies, always keep it plant-based, low in (refined) sugars, and minimal in ingredients. Any plant-based milk that fits this criteria is an acceptable choice. 


Protein Powder Boosted Solid Food


Perhaps you're not a fan of smoothies but you like the idea of supplementing your diet with extra protein- there is another way! Homemade pancakes are our favorite way to get a healthy and delicious serving of protein first thing in the morning. Also, if you like muffins or any other baked good for that matter, there is a way to include protein powder in those recipes as well. Protein bars are a nice and convenient way to use your powder wisely- not to mention delicious and practical!  


Protein powder is an excellent ingredient to have handy in the pantry. Its use can be very versatile and it provides excellent security in knowing that your levels are being met on a daily basis and your appetite can be curbed with ease and pleasure! Have fun experimenting with ways to use it. There are endless possibilities and certainly many to suit your own personal preference waiting to be found!