Longevity 101

The concept of anti-aging has become the holy grail of many doctors, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons, and health gurus around the world. The desire to maintain a youthful appearance and physiology has generated billions of dollars and has cost millions of people a great deal of disappointment in the process. Testimonials are often misdirecting and serve the purpose of driving traffic purchasing products that could have little to no impact on a persons longevity or the way they age, yet we cling to what makes us feel hopeful or that there is potential. 


From The Inside Out


There is no such thing as anti-aging but there is certainly a way to age gracefully. Many components come into play to determine the rate at which someone ages and when we make an effort to incorporate a little bit of all those things, we ensure more than enduring beauty, we ensure lasting happiness. 




Studies have shown that the hormone (cortisol) created by stress is responsible for causing the most damage to a human being. Stress at times can be unavoidable but daily, routine, and ongoing stress comes at a major price. When an individual makes the decision to pursue a certain chaotic career or lifestyle path, it must be understood that this will most likely be counterintuitive to the process of graceful aging. If an individual is concerned with graceful aging and finds themselves in a lifestyle like this, other measures must be taken in an effort to offset the damage done by the lifestyle. Avoiding alcohol and smoking in addition to eating a diet high in antioxidants and forming a routine incorporating daily meditation could prove to be exceptionally helpful to a person in this position. 




When we mention family, we want to be clear that this doesn't necessarily have to be blood relatives. The people we are referring to are your friends, family, coworkers, and support system in general. The people that create a healthy and happy environment around you, the ones that make you feel best, can contribute tremendously to the way you age, and the overall quality of your life. Having dinner and spending time among like-minded, loving, and positive people creates happy hormones within your body. These people also provide invaluable support through the harder times when the comfort of having a shoulder to lean on never loses its worth. If you find yourself dispersed from friends and family, technology in this day and age has made it easier for us to connect with individuals with common interests. Depending on the topic, deep and meaningful relationships can absolutely be formed.  




Purpose in life is not always synonymous with a fruitful career path. Purpose can be found in almost anything that brings us joy and keeps us coming back for more. The things that bring us the most fulfillment in life are typically the things that give us purpose. We are here to do and enjoy those things. Imagine a world where people actually allowed themselves to do the things they love, at whatever capacity that may be. The ability to allow yourself to enjoy the process of doing anything you love will carry you in life, it will give light in the darkest of times and provide an outlet to conquer nearly anything thrown your way.  




Diet may not play as big a role as stress management and joy in the prospect of graceful aging, but it is absolutely more important than the standard American perceives it to be. When we look to the civilizations of the world that age the best- meaning the longest living, most disease-free people of the world- we find that they consume 90-100% plant-based foods. The meals of these people are composed of locally source ingredients in their simplest form. Nothing too fancy, just delicious and nourishing dishes shared in the company of people who they feel connected to and uplifted by. 


The stress of growing old is something we can let go of with love when we shift our focus to the beauty of what can be experienced in each passing moment of our lives. Our bodies are designed to survive at all costs but it is up to us to let them fulfill their automatic functions while we shift our focus to the opportunity for greater levels of happiness surrounding us at all times.