Teenager Shines a Light on Benefits of Veganism

The Plant-Based Revolution is happening all around us, with the most amazing people! We’re very excited to introduce you to a teenager who is working to inform others about the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet. With the recent launch of her website, Lauren shares reasons why to go vegan, tips for transitioning to a vegan diet along with some of her favorite recipes.

We had the honor of interviewing this bright young lady to find out more about her journey. Here’s what she had to say.

22 Days: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Lauren: I am 14 years old and in the 8th grade. In my free time, I love to run, read, paint, cook and do yoga.
22 Days: Why did you transition to a vegan diet?

Lauren: When I was little, my parents were vegetarian, but they never forced it on me. In 1st grade, I decided to become vegetarian. A few years later, I started having terrible stomach pains in the morning, so much so that I dreaded the morning and the chore of eating breakfast. After researching, I thought that maybe eliminating dairy and eggs would make me feel better.

In addition, I researched the animal agriculture industry, and me being the animal-lover I am, decided that I could not continue supporting this disgusting treatment of animals. From then on, I decided to be vegan for life.

22 Days: How long have you been a vegan and what are your favorite meals?

Lauren: I have been vegan since August 2014. Since going vegan, so much has changed! My favorite meal is now breakfast! I love eating oatmeal and smoothie bowls! I also really LOVE sweet potatoes!

22 Days:  How has your decision to become a vegan affected others in your life?

Lauren: After I went vegan, I felt (still feel) amazing! I kept on telling my parents to go vegan and in January 2016, they finally did with the help of The 22-Day Revolution. All of my friends eat meat, but since I went vegan, many are curious about exactly what I eat and why I am vegan. I always jump on the opportunity to inform them. Some of my friends have even considered going vegan!

22 Days: Tell us more about your website.

Lauren: In making my website, I wanted to create a platform to share my passion for veganism with others. There are not many vegan teens out there, so I wanted to show my perspective. My website is all about the basics of going vegan. I have reasons to go vegan, resources for new vegans, and some of my favorite recipes!

22 Days: How has following a vegan diet impacted your life?

Lauren: As I said before, my life has totally turned around since going vegan. I no longer have stomach pains in the morning. Actually, I feel amazing!!! I have so much energy! Going vegan has also made me a more compassionate being, with love for all beings, no matter how big or small. I owe so much to veganism! By going vegan, I have also discovered my passion for healthy-living and nutrition!

22 Days: What words of encouragement do you have for others, especially pre-teens and teenagers, who are getting started or are considering a vegan diet?

Lauren: For anyone that wants to go vegan, I completely recommend that they go vegan! It may be hard for some, but it causes a total shift in quality of life! I recommend that those struggling to go vegan, keep with it because they won't regret it!

22 Days: Anything else you’d like to share?

Lauren: For me, my lifestyle is not only about being plant-based, but also being an ethical vegan. I will not buy products made from animals or tested on them. My lifestyle is a reflection of my conviction that all sentient beings have as much right to exist happily on this planet as I do. We, humans, definitely do not have the right to determine the destiny of countless voiceless innocent beings. 

Thank you Lauren!! You’re enthusiasm is inspiring to everyone that has the opportunity to talk with you. We wish you the very best with your endeavors!