Top Vitamins For Cracking Knees

Felt sudden knee pain when you were walking? Usually, it's referred to as cracking knees. You might hear some popping sounds from your knee while you are running, walking, or working out. Don't worry; it can be treated. 

Let's learn more about the problem and its symptoms. This guide will cover the best vitamins for knees. We will recommend the vitamins you should take and explain why you should take them.

vitamins for cracking knees

What is Cracking knees?

When you run or bend down to get something, you might hear a popping or cracking sound. It feels like a quick snap in your knees. Along with the snap, there might also be pain or swell.

Whether there is a pain in the knees or not, you should act on it right away. Even if there is a slight pain, it could get worse if you don't act on it. 

Before we move on, here are some of the consequences of cracking knees:

  • It will decrease the overall strength of the bones. Hence, the pain will increase. 
  • It might lead to more inflammation; your knee might become swollen or reddened. 

So, why bear the pain when you can find pain relief

This guide is here for you. So, let's dive into the treatment part and unveil what you need to do.  

Treatment for Cracking Knees

After research of over 50 years, we concluded that most of the products sold in the market don't contain all the essential ingredients they should have. 

To back this up, in 2015, New York Times came up with a similar study. The study tested the products (for example omega-3 fatty acids) from random retail stores, including Walmart, Target, GNC, etc. It turned out that 4 out of 5 packs of multivitamins do not contain the ingredients mentioned in the package. 

Imagine; you pay to take multivitamins without any results because they don't even contain what they tell you.

So, why do cracking knees occur? It's a joint problem. So, you need to find vitamins that strengthen your joints. In this guide, we will unveil which are the essential dietary supplements for cracking knees.

Other problems associated or similar to cracking knees:  meniscus tears, rheumatoid arthritis, problems with synovial fluid,cracking and popping knee joint, any form of arthritis among others.

Vitamins for Cracking Knees

The essential vitamins for cracking knees are vitamin D3, Turmeric, and Glucosamine. If you take all these three vitamins daily, you will see significant changes. These are the three main base ingredients needed for healthy joints and therefore cracking knees. Let's learn more about the three ingredients.

supplements for cracking knees

Vitamin D3

D3 is one of the essential vitamins for cracking knees. It contains calcium and vitamin K. These are excellent for bone growth, density, and strength.

Like we mentioned before, cracking knees can also be caused by weak bones or muscles. When your bones are great, your body will also get stronger. 


Turmeric is mainly used to reduce for its anti inflammatory effects and reduce pain. Some people use turmeric as a painkiller due to its healing effect. It contains curcumin that helps treat knee arthritis symptoms. It's a traditional ingredient used to reduce joint pain from joint injuries. Renown for its anti-inflammatory side effects.


Glucosamine is already present in the body. It's responsible for the cartilage in the joints, basically the principal building block. In simpler words, it will make the joints stronger and improve joint mobility. Glucosamine and chondroitin are essential for the production, repair, and overall maintenance of the connective tissues present in the joins. It stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans. Glycosaminoglycans play a crucial role in cell signaling and wound repair.

Where do I find the Vitamins for Cracking knees?

Now that you know all about the vitamins for cracking knees, the next question that might come to your mind is, "where can I find all these?". 

The best product for cracking joints and knees is the INFLAMMATION AND JOINT HEALTH pack by 22 Days Nutrition. It contains all the essential vitamins.

Why go with 22 Days Nutrition?

22 Days Nutrition contains all the ingredients that we just mentioned earlier. They have vitamin D3, turmeric, and glucosamine. To ensure that vitamins are safe and full of nutrition, we go with only whole-foods, plant-based ingredients. 

best vitamins for cracking knees

Whole food and Plant-based

Processed vitamins are not as good as you think, as they might actually do more harm than good.. So, you need to look for vitamins that are plant-based or that are a whole food. 

Organic vitamins are harvested ethically. There are no harmful chemicals or herbicides used. They contain the whole essence and the benefits of the vitamins.

Here are some of the extra advantages of getting our plant-based product. 

Herbicide Free: You should not go with a product that has herbicide. This will be one of the most deficient farming techniques.

Glyphosate free: Glyphosate is a type of systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. 

No Addictive, Synthetic Fillers, and Colorants: Some products are harvested ethically, but they add other synthetic fillers and colorants to increase the quantity. You won't find these in 22 Days Nutrition Vitamins. 

Doctor Formulated

The reducing inflammation health pack is not the only doctor's formulated, but it also has USP-grade ingredients. USP stands for United States Pharmaceutical. This means that 22 Days products are extremely safe to use.


Sometimes, bioavailability plays a bigger role than the actual nutrient content. For example, the calcium found in cow’s milk is about 33% bioavailable (meaning 33% is absorbed by the body). However, the calcium found in some plant foods—such as bok choy, kale, and broccoli—is between 54-62% bioavailable.

At 22 Days vitamins are specifically formulated for maximum absorption. 

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Tips to Follow for Cracking Knees

Now that you know about the vitamins, you should also follow a few other tips that will help you with cracking your knees. 

  • Exercise daily. 
  • When you take your vitamins, always take the proper dose. Don't increase the dosage, and don't decrease the dosage. The dosage given by 22 Days Nutrition is perfect. 
  • Don't do anything that will harm your joints. Avoid hardcore exercise and lifting weights that are too heavy. 
  • Always verify clinical trials of supplement ingredients you intend to take.
  • If the pain is too high, you should take medical advice. 
  • Make sure your sleeping position is appropriate. 
  • Avoid tracking and hiking if there is too much pain.  
  • Don't risk falling or slipping.