Brain Health in a Plant-Based Diet

Is it possible to obtain and maintain optimal brain health on a fully plant-based diet? Of course, it is! The how-to is usually what gets misunderstood because it forces us to think about where health-promoting nutrients for the brain come from, but it's time to get enlightened!

Omega 3's

While animal-sourced omega 3's are considered to be the most bio-available, there is much more that comes with the consumption of these products that would be considered to be undesirable to most people once they become aware of them. In truth, omega 3's, particularly DHA which is responsible for brain health, can be found in a completely absorbable form through the consumption of algae. Pure DHA can be supplement easily, ensuring your brain is being fueled optimally.


It should go without saying that sleep deprivation is the quickest way to induce brain fog and general lethargy. The long term effects can have more serious implications such as Alzheimer's and general cognitive decline. Adequate restful sleep is imperative to both long term and short term brain health. It impacts the entirety of our well being and is an integral part of great brain health.


This vitamin is actually a bacteria that feeds the brain and also helps with the production of certain blood cells. Inadequate levels of b12 consumption can raise your homocysteine levels resulting in higher risks for stroke. Low levels of b12 has been correlated with cognitive decline, low brain performance, and dementia.

Brain Performance Boosters


Studies have shown that the consumption of blueberries has an almost immediate benefit on brain performance and concentration. We highly recommend frozen berries slight thawed in a cup or in a protein powered smoothie. Smoothies are an incredible way to gain a ton of nutrition in one easy and delicious serving!

Lions Mane Mushroom

This mushroom is also correlated with increased brain performance and health. Our preference for using it is in powdered form in our smoothies. It has a relatively neutral taste but can be combined with blueberries in a smoothie for powerful brain tonic and you wouldn’t even notice its presence. This approach is great for kids and picky eaters!

Nuts and Seeds

Walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and almonds are all excellent food choices to keep in regular rotation. They all supply ample amounts of healthy fats that can boost brain health and performance. We recommend keeping all of these ingredients in the pantry so they are readily available for you to use in your favorite dishes and smoothies.

Brain health should absolutely be taken seriously and planned for through educated food choices, but it doesn’t have to be something you lose sleepover. Keep certain brain-healthy foods around for regular consumption and you will be on your way to happy thinking!