Weight Loss Basics

If you are someone who struggles with shedding excess weight, or feel your body isn't in the kind of shape you would like for it to be, it is easy to get caught up in the myriad of diet styles available to us today. Each one promises the same results, but so few equipped us with the knowledge of how to realistically stay on track and retain what we hope to achieve.




The key to sticking with anything is actually enjoying the process, especially since longevity is something we have better chances of securing when making mostly good choices over the course of our lifetimes. If the process is unenjoyable, the question will arise as to if the goal is even worth it, or is this too much of a compromise. You are a human being with a life and you want to make sure the changes and adjustments you are making don't cause too much of an inconvenience. You do not want to develop any type of resentment towards yourself or the prospect of health in general for having these ambitions that interfere with everyday reality. These choices should blend nearly seamlessly with your current lifestyle, helping to achieve greater health without alienating yourself from the activities and social events you enjoy. 


Plan Ahead


Imagine if you were going out to a dinner party at a steak house and you were the only one in the group who doesn't eat meat. This scenario may seem daunting, but what completely dissipates that stress is feeling confident in your choices and options. It is perfectly reasonable to not expect to eat your fill at this particular facility, but eating something before going out will ensure the relief from the panicked, desperate feeling of being starving among friends enjoying themselves without question. Sides and salads are available at nearly every dining establishment, and believe it or not, you can make a pretty nice meal out of those smaller dishes. Packing a snack or bringing a protein bar in your travels will also provide extra security on your adventures. 


Calorie Deprivation 

When you are being your weight loss journey it is important to remember that you should be consuming fewer calories than you are burning. Eating high calorie foods while trying to lose weight is going to be the same as a horse chasing a carrot expecting to eventually reach it. You'll find yourself putting in so much hard work, yet somehow never attaining your goals. Focus on proteins and healthy fats, and when eating carbohydrates, always make sure they are complex, whole food sources. 


Sugars/ Processed Foods


Sugars are instant fuel for the body, that is why eating a very indulgent treat is always associated with the inevitable energy crash. When sugars are overconsumed, they are stored as fat and render themselves counterproductive to your ultimate goal of weight loss. 


Salts are also heavily used in processed foods and restaurant dishes. Eating excess amounts of salt (Over 2,300mg per day) can induce water retention, making you feel bloated and "puffy". Keeping your meals lower in salt can be just as important as the emphasis on avoiding sugar. 


Know What You Need To Be Eating In a Day 


Meal prepping is starting to become a household activity in America. By making the base ingredients for your weekly meals ahead of time will ensure the path is perfectly laid out for you and your goals are far more easily reached. When you are eating regularly throughout the day, it leaves less room for hunger to sidetrack you. When we are hungry for long enough we get desperate. Unfortunately, convenient foods are some of the worst to consume in general, so please, always plan ahead!