In our hectic daily lifestyle, we often miss out on essential vitamins that are crucial for the body. It's no secret that taking vitamins is necessary to supplement our nutrition needs. As we age, our bodies need more vitamins due to hormonal changes to avoid vitamin deficiency. This guide is all about vitamin packs for women. We will also unveil the best vitamins for women after their 20s, and then we will go into additional vitamins essential for women  over 50. 

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How can Vitamins help you?

Working a full-time job might be challenging, and we often forget to take proper care of our bodies. If our bodies don't get enough vitamins, it does not create healthy building blocks. Therefore, it is suggested to start taking vitamins in your 20s. 

The importance of vitamins for women?

As you may already know, our bodies don’t produce certain vitamins, so taking the right vitamins supplements will help you optimize your health.. Let’s break down some of the benefits of taking vitamins.

  • Vitamins support feminine organs, tissue and hormones.
  • Vitamins will help you with indigestion. 
  • Vitamins support increased bone health. 
  • Vitamins help with cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamins help with connective tissues.

Now, the question is, how can a woman choose the perfect vitamin pack?

Selecting the Perfect Vitamins Pack 

It is complex to choose the best vitamins for women as there are plenty of options in the market. There are few characteristics that you need to focus on to select the perfect vitamins. 

We call it the foundation. 

  1. Structural Parts: The structural part of a body includes teeth, bones, hair skin, etc. You need to look for vitamins that focus on these parts, supporting calcium deficiency, cardiovascular issues, and bone health. 
  2. Enzymatic Support: Enzymes support digestion and breaking down nutrients. Specific supplements will help you support the enzymes' work.
  3. Essential Fatty acids: Fatty acids are mainly responsible for the cardiovascular system.
  4. Gut Health: If your gut isn't strong, your body won't properly absorb the vitamins and nutrients from your food and supplements.

You are probably wondering where I can find the best dietary supplement pack that focuses on the foundation.

women 22 days vitamins

The Best Vitamins Pack 

The women's essential pack of 22 Days nutrition is organic, plant-based, and includes all ingredients supporting the foundation and boosting your health. The daily multivitamin capsules are easily digestible, and each bag has a measured daily dose or daily supplements. If you are a working woman and don't have much time to eat properly, you can supplement your meals with the women's vitamin pack to achieve your health goals.

The vitamins and ingredients contained in the pack:

Probiotic – AST Floracor

Essential for enzymatic support and gut health. It contains FOS (Fructooligosaccharides). FOS ensures the stability of the gut and supports colon health.

AST Floracor is considered a revolutionary blend of probiotics. 

Omega 3

It is an essential fatty acid that supports the immune system. It is made from a non-fish source. To be more specific, it's made from algae. It's also known as Vegan Omega 3. It contains DHA and EPA. 

Food-Based Multi with Iron x 2

It contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin K1, vitamin k2, among others. Vitamin K1 and K2 are not that popular but very important and are responsible for blood clotting. Beta-carotene and vitamin A are excellent for your skin. 

women vitamins for over 50

Women's Essential Pack 50+

What if you are above 50? In that case, you can go with the women's essential pack of 50+. You will get the three daily pack of vitamins and minerals mentioned above at your door each month. Additionally, it includes two more vitamins to supplement your specific needs. 

Vegan Vitamin D3

D3 plays a preeminent role in the structural parts of the body. It is excellent for muscle strength. Muscle strength is essential to support bones. Vitamin D3 is excellent for cell-to-cell communication. 

Vitamin C with Rose Hips

Vitamin C with Rosehips supports collagen production, and connective tissues. It reduces overall symptoms and problems of the knee and hip osteoarthritis, common in women over 50. 

So, what are you waiting to sign up for your vitamin subscriptions ? Order your daily vitamin,  women's essential pack  or please contact us now.