4 Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

For thousands of years, the Japanese have enjoyed Matcha Green Tea as part of their culture – now you can too. Created from the leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant, matcha is unique in its preparation: it’s steamed, de-vined, and ground into powder for later preparation. 

Not only is this special tea delicious, but it's also full of nutritional properties that will make you want to toss your old cuppa for this one!


We know that word gets thrown around frequently, but in this case, it’s not only true, but it's also something that Eastern cultures have known about for thousands of years. Think about all the antioxidants you know of and times it by five – that’s how many antioxidants you can find in matcha green tea. To put it into perspective, just one cup of matcha offers the same benefits as twenty cups of regular green tea.

Whether you’re looking for healthier skin, or neutralizing some of your body’s damaged cells, matcha may be the answer.


Yes, Matcha contains caffeine, something we try to cut back on in heathier lifestyles, but in this case, an exception can be made. Matcha contains a type of caffeine that’s different than that of coffee, one that offers a slow release of theophylline for an even enhancement of energy without the afternoon crash. 

Additionally, matcha has the amino acid l-theanine, which helps to boost alpha waves inside the brain – for a calming effect and enhanced mental clarity. These properties are why matcha green tea is still used today by monks looking to concentrate and relax during extended meditation sessions.

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A cup of matcha green tea a day can help treat common gastrointestinal complaints by stimulating excretion and helping your body purge toxins. Meanwhile, the antioxidants and polyphenols in matcha green tea can help destroy cancerous cells, particularly in the bladder and colon.


Matcha offers a two-pronged approach when it comes to weight management. First, it helps to boost metabolism. Second, it helps to slow the growth of fat cells in the body. 

Consuming matcha green tea on a regular basis can help to burn calories – recent studies have indicated that regular consumption of matcha green tea can help drop weight nearly twice as fast as without.

This is one reason why matcha is a great additive to daily protein smoothies for those looking to lose weight! 


Unlike most teas, matcha green tea takes a small bit of work to prepare. First, you want to buy high-quality matcha powder (organic is best) that’s as fresh as possible. Next, you’ll need a bowl and bamboo whisk (you can get these at any tea shop or even on Amazon). Mix ½-1 tsp of matcha green tea powder with 6 oz of water just short of boiling. Whisk vigorously until a froth forms on top of the tea. Enjoy!

You can also add matcha powder or prepared tea to many types of food, from chocolate to baked goods and even smoothies.


Serves 1

1 scoop Plant Power protein powder, Vanilla

1 handful kale or spinach

1 frozen banana

½-1 tsp of matcha

1 cup almond milk


Blend and enjoy! Alternatively, you can reduce the almond milk to ½ cup and serve this in a bowl. Top with nuts, seeds and/or berries.

So there’s no excuse – get your matcha on and enjoy all the health benefits!